patient forms  Glen Rock, NJ
At Excel Dentistry, we offer patient forms online so you can complete them in the convenience of your own home or office. Fax us your printed and completed forms or you may bring them during your visit.



Welcome to Excel Dentistry! Our friendly dentists, Dr. Mayra Modesto-Garrido and Dr. Aryam Modesto, are excited to see you for your first visit. Our dental family is committed to providing the finest dental care possible in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We spend quality time with each patient to address concerns and design a personalized treatment with the services we offer. Together, we make your dream smile become a reality. To help your appointment run smoothly, please make sure to arrive early and bring:

  1. Your dental insurance card and ID
  2. A list of current medications
  3. A payment method to cover your co-pay
  4. Completed patient forms and medical history

During your appointment, our dentists and team will perform a complete oral examination, including a visual inspection, periodontal evaluation and diagnosis. As part of the visual inspection, we will closely examine your teeth, their supporting structures and the oral anatomy. We may also use digital X-rays to diagnose tooth decay, bone loss and other dental problems. We may also perform an oral cancer screening, which helps us detect any abnormalities in the oral tissues. This exam is important so that any emerging problematic issues can be detected early when the conditions are easier to treat. We also perform a periodontal probing and examination during your initial exam. This allows us to evaluate the health of your gums and diagnose any present gum disease (periodontal disease). In addition, we will analyze your bite (occlusion) to identify any problems.

After your examination is complete, our dentists will review our findings with you so you can better understand the current state of your oral health. We will then recommend the treatments needed to correct any conditions or problems we have detected. Our team will explain your treatment options so you can make an educated decision about your care. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your oral health or about your treatment options; we want you to feel confident and comfortable with your oral health care.

What To Expect During Your First Visit:

When you come in for the first time, we will review your medical history and take digital X-rays of your teeth to evaluate your health. From there, our dentists and team will determine if further treatment is necessary after we clean and freshen up your smile.