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At Excel Dentistry, we provide self-ligating braces in Glen Rock, NJ to straighten your teeth significantly faster. Our dentists may recommend this orthodontic treatment for those who need to improve their bites, realign their teeth, or close small gaps in their smile. If this sounds like you, please give us a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mayra Modesto-Garrido or Dr. Aryam Modesto. We look forward to hearing from you!

Self-ligating braces are an exciting orthodontic tool that can sharply decrease or eliminate many of the annoyances and frustrations associated with traditional braces. Benefits of self-ligating braces at Excel Dentistry in Glen Rock, NJ may include:

  • Less maintenance and fewer appointments are needed while wearing the braces compared to traditional braces
  • Greater daily comfort
  • Easier brushing and better dental hygiene
  • Faster results and more effective outcomes
  • The brackets may be designed to be invisible to most people

Self-ligating braces are a revolutionary orthodontic system designed to be faster and more comfortable than traditional braces. Self-ligating brackets use a special slide mechanism that eliminates the need for metal or elastic ties. Traditional braces use rubber bands or ties to hold the wire onto the bracket. Thanks to advanced technology, we can now eliminate this band and use a unique clip or movable door to fasten the wire in place. This type of bracket results in reduced treatment times and a more discreet appearance due to the absence of ties.

Without elastic ties that attract and collect plaque, self-ligating braces also make dental hygiene easier during orthodontic treatment. Because they do not use ties, self-ligating braces do not need to be “tightened” and require fewer visits to our office for adjustments. For patients who are concerned about the appearance of their smile during orthodontic treatment, clear brackets may be available; these brackets blend in with the natural appearance of your teeth for an even more discreet treatment option.

To learn more about the benefits of self-ligating braces, we invite you to contact our office today and schedule your appointment with our dentists. We are eager to help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile!

I have had an amazing experience!! I have known Dr. Modesto-Garrido for about 12yrs. She did my braces when I was a teenager and now she did veneer and fixed my chipped tooth. Couldn’t be happier. I love my smile even more now. I knew trusting Dr. Modesto-Garrido and her staff again was going to be a great experience and I wasn’t wrong.

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I been coming to excel dentistry for a long time. They have one of the best services and customer service which is hard to find. My previous dentist told me I couldn't get braces and Dr. GARRIDO and her team told me I could. They walk me thru the process and help me thru my change. I now feel more confident with my smile and myself. I recommend Excel Dentistry to all my friend and family. ❤️

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Do self-ligating braces hurt?
No, self-ligating braces are designed to be more comfortable than traditional braces. Dr. Modesto-Garrido and Dr. Modesto always strive to make your treatment as comfortable and pain-free. We take pride in delivering quality orthodontic care, and we will do our best to ensure that your treatment is as pleasant as possible.
How long will I need to wear self-ligating braces?
The length of your treatment depends on your individual oral health and the severity of your orthodontic condition. Generally, treatment with self-ligating braces lasts between 12 and 24 months. We invite you to consult with one of our dentists at Excel Dentistry for a more accurate estimate of your timeline.
Do self-ligating braces look different?
Self-ligating braces look similar to traditional braces, but they do not require elastic ties or metal bands. This makes them less visible and more discreet than traditional appliances. We also offer clear brackets for those who are concerned about the appearance of their smile during treatment in Glen Rock, NJ.
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