Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is a type of sleep disorder commonly associated with irregular breathing cycles causing you to wake up unexpectedly during the middle of the night. Having these abnormal breathing patterns can cause your energy levels to be depleted and increase the chance of major dental problems. That is why our dentists and team are happy to provide sleep apnea treatment to help protect your smile from bruxism, dry mouth and tooth decay while you sleep.

We highly recommend sleep apnea treatment for patients who:

  • Have abnormal breathing patterns
  • Wake up with a dry throat
  • Experience unexplained fatigue and frequent headaches
  • Struggle with snoring
  • Notice more mood swings and irritability
man snoring
sleep apnea illustration

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Mayra Modesto-Garrido and Dr. Aryam Modesto can provide an oral appliance similar to a retainer. This appliance is completely customized to fit your teeth to help keep you from grinding, snoring and experiencing unhealthy fluctuations in your breathing. After we design this appliance, you can go home ready to put it in right before bed.

If you have any questions about sleep apnea treatment in Glen Rock, New Jersey, or would like to schedule a consultation here at Excel Dentistry, please call us at 201-652-0400. We look forward to helping you sleep better.